HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A CINEMATOGRAPHER is a brand new online course from No Film School, the world’s most popular filmmaking website.

This on-demand course will teach you how to:

▸ Get more CLIENTS
▸ Know which GEAR to invest in
▸ Maximize PROFITS from your gear
▸ Know how much to CHARGE for your work
▸ Get paid increasingly higher RATES
▸ QUIT your day job
▸ SAVE MONEY on your taxes
▸ MARKET yourself to stand out from the crowd
▸ RUN A SET as the Director of Photography

And much MUCH more...

Everything You Need To Succeed — All In One Place

  • 75 Impactful Chapters

    Professor/DP Charles Haine shares the lessons he’s learned from over 20 years in the film industry, giving you a step-by-step guide to level up your cinematography career — no matter your current skill level.

  • 8+ Hours Of Video Training

    Learn how to market yourself, secure better clients, create new revenue streams, optimize your workflow, raise your rates, lower your tax bill, master lenses and lighting, and so much more...

  • 50+ Exclusive Resources

    Checklists, gear lists, directories, tutorials, examples, templates, guides, calculators, references, diagrams, worksheets, and exclusive survey results give you an edge over the competition.

How Much You Should Charge For Your Work?

Know exactly what your peers are charging. Raise your rates.

There’s never been a place you could go to find out what other video freelancers are charging to do your job, in your region... until now.

Using No Film School’s unrivaled reach, we surveyed DPs, videographers, editors, operators, ACs, gaffers, G&Es, colorists, VFX workers, and still shooters all around the world... and the results are in:

This package of exclusive data and in-depth analysis is included in HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A CINEMATOGRAPHER.

The data will help you know exactly what to charge — and will help you negotiate with clients.

You won't find this information anywhere else.  Gain full access when you enroll today!

Course Outline

(Click on each section to view complete chapter list)

    1. Welcome from NFS Founder Ryan Koo

    2. Meet Your Instructor Charles Haine

    3. Your Career As A Cinematographer

    1. Getting Your Start Intro

    2. Introduction to Freelancing

    3. Landing Your First Paid Gig

    4. Cinematography Career Tracks

    5. Cashflow Jobs vs Ambition Jobs

    6. Identifying Market Trends

    7. Videography & Events

    8. Weddings

    9. Adult Content

    10. Stock Footage

    11. Getting Your Start Takeaways

    12. Getting Your Start Feedback (Optional)

    1. Growing Your Career Intro

    2. Be Good, and Easy To Work With

    3. Moving on to Bigger & Better Clients

    4. Marketing Yourself: Reels

    5. Marking Yourself: Websites

    6. Marketing Yourself: Business Cards

    7. The Industry Glamour Effect

    8. Leveraging Social Media

    9. Providing Recommendations

    10. Getting Press

    11. Inventing Gear

    12. Multiple Revenue Streams

    13. Growing Your Career Takeaways

    14. Growing Your Career Feedback (Optional)

    1. Gear Intro

    2. Investing in Gear

    3. Cameras

    4. Drones

    5. Stabilizers

    6. Steadicams

    7. Sliders

    8. Lenses

    9. Monitor/Recorders

    10. Light Meters

    11. Renting Out Your Gear

    12. Gear Takeaways

    13. Gear Feedback (Optional)

    1. Mastering the Craft Intro

    2. Three Point Lighting

    3. Smart Side Lighting

    4. Night Scene Lighting

    5. Product Shots

    6. Interviews

    7. Before You Shoot

    8. While You Shoot

    9. Coverage

    10. Controlling Your On-Set Image

    11. Executing a Plan

    12. After You Shoot

    13. Managing Image Workflow

    14. Managing Your Dailies

    15. Working With A Colorist

    16. Doing Your Own Final Grade

    17. Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

    18. Follow The BLRTS Process

    19. Mastering The Craft Takeaways

    20. Mastering The Craft Feedback (Optional)

    1. Making Money Intro

    2. How Much Money Can You Make?

    3. What Is A Good Day Rate?

    4. Maintaining Client Relationships

    5. The Reality Of Residual Income

    6. Tips For Better Bookkeeping

    7. Should You Incorporate?

    8. Unions

    9. Agents & Managers

    10. Taxes

    11. Writing Off Gear/Amortization

    12. Dealing With Receipts

    13. Lawyers & Legal

    14. Protecting Your Mental Health

    15. Making Money Takeaways

    16. Making Money Feedback (Optional)

Course Info

  • Course Price: $497
  • 75 Chapters | 8+ Hours Of Training
  • 50+ Exclusive Resources

Learn the industry secrets they won't teach you at a $200,000 film school.

Enroll today to secure lifetime access to How to Make Money as a Cinematographer.

Here are just a few of the questions we'll answer...

▸ What are my career options?
▸ How do I land my first client?
▸ How do I get bigger and better clients?
▸ How can I market myself effectively?
▸ How do I network with industry pros?
▸ How can I build multiple revenue streams?
▸ What gear should I invest in over time?
▸ How can I save money on my gear?
▸ How much can I rent out my gear for?
▸ How can I improve my lighting?
▸ How can I streamline my workflow?
▸ How can I improve my color and sound?
▸ How much money do cinematographers make?
▸ What's a good day rate in my region for my job?
▸ How can I increase my day rate?
▸ How can I make sure clients hire me again and again?
▸ How should I structure compensation for my work?
▸ How can I make bookkeeping less of a hassle?
▸ Should I incorporate my cinematography business?
▸ Should I join a union?
▸ Should I work with agents and managers?
▸ How can I save money on my taxes?
▸ How can I better understand lawyers and legal?
▸ How can I protect my mental health?

You don't need to navigate the film industry alone.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A CINEMATOGRAPHER will mentor you along the way.

A No-Brainer Investment In Your Future

Implementing just one of the strategies we teach should easily make back the cost of this course (and then some)... making this course a no-brainer investment in your future.

A few course outcomes that will immediately produce a positive ROI:

▸ Landing your first client.
▸ Landing a larger client at a higher day rate.
▸ Adding a new revenue stream to your business.
▸ Avoiding unnecessary gear purchases.
▸ Buying and profiting off your gear using our methods.
▸ Improving your overall workflow and production efficiency.
▸ Adjusting your rate based on our exclusive worldwide survey.
▸ Applying our methods for securing recurring work and referrals.
▸ Structuring your deals to include compensation you wouldn't normally receive.
▸ Implementing one or more of our tips to save on your taxes.
▸ Applying our tips for incorporating, joining a union, and working with agents and managers.

You can easily make back your investment in this course by applying one of these impactful strategies. Plus you'll be able to apply what you learn over and over again for years to come!

The sooner you begin, the sooner you can reap the benefits — enroll today and secure lifetime access before the price goes up...

Take advantage of this no-brainer opportunity to invest in your career.

Enroll today to secure lifetime access to How to Make Money as a Cinematographer.

Meet Your Instructor | Charles Haine

Charles Haine is a filmmaker and entrepreneur working in the motion picture industry since 1999. Since completing his MFA at the USC School of Cinema Television in 2006, he has worked as a freelance director and cinematographer of numerous award-winning commercials, music videos, web series, and feature films.

Haine also works as an educator and author. He is currently the Acting Program Director at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Brooklyn College. He recently published two books with Focal Press, “Business & Entrepreneurship for Filmmakers” and “Color Grading 101.” He has written for, Boris FX, and many other online platforms, and has been a prominent contributor to all of No Film School’s platforms (articles, videos, and podcasts) since 2016.

Meet Your Publisher | No Film School

No Film School is the world’s most popular filmmaking website, with over a million visitors every month. We publish the latest news, tutorials, interviews, and videos to help you become a better filmmaker. Our popular and highly-rated podcast places consistently at the top of the charts for Film & TV.

No Film School was founded in 2010 by award-winning filmmaker Ryan Koo, who went on to write and direct AMATEUR, a Sundance Screenwriters Lab selection and Netflix Original Film.

The site’s distinct voice has been “by filmmakers, for filmmakers” since the beginning, giving NFS unmatched credibility in the filmmaking community.

“In the decade since I started No Film School, we’ve published thousands of free articles, videos and podcasts. But to really impact filmmaker’s careers, we’ve always wanted to create in-depth online courses. We’re finally doing it with HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A CINEMATOGRAPHER. Thank you for being a part of the future of No Film School!”

Ryan Koo, Founder - No Film School

Make 2023 the year you level up your video career—and your day rate.

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  • How do I know if this course is for me?

    This course is helpful for all skill levels. If you want to learn valuable film industry secrets, secure better projects and bigger clients, advance your career, and make (and keep) more money doing what you love, this course is for you.

  • When will I receive access, and how long will I have access for?

    When you enroll in the course you'll gain immediate access to all of the chapters, videos, and resources. After enrolling, you'll retain lifetime access to all of the content. This ensures you can get started right away and move through the content at your own pace.

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